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Release 0.3

· 2 min read

Today, we're excited to announce the release of Engula 0.3! Engula is a cloud-native data structure store, used as a database, cache, and storage engine.

What's in 0.3?

Engula has gone through a redesign in terms of its interface and architecture. The new design is based on the lessons we learned in the past few months, and it will provide a clearer guide for future development. You can check the new design document and discussion for more details.

The most important feature in Engula 0.3 is a set of data structures. In this release, Engula provides five data types: Any, I64, Blob, List, and Map. Each data type provides a set of APIs to manipulate objects of that type. For example, you can add on I64 objects or push elements to List objects.

Moreover, Engula supports ACID transactions across different data structures. For example, you can push an element to a list and insert an index to a map in the same transaction. This feature allows users to build more advanced applications on top of Engula.

Engula 0.3 also comes with a new server and a Rust client. You can get started with this tutorial. Welcome to explore and have fun!

The new website

As you may have noticed, this Engula website has also gone through a redesign! Special thanks to @iNorthIsle and @tisonkun for their nice work.